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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Any not for profit organisation that has a project that they feel will benefit the Sunbury and surrounding district communities.
The Committee of Management has agreed that the following categories of possible local projects that could be considered for funding include:
– Improving education opportunities (eg Scholarships for local students, School community projects);
– Projects that would result in the improvement of health, fitness and well being of the Sunbury Community;
– Support for infrastructure projects, (bricks and mortar);
– Enhancement of Art, Cultural and Youth programs.
– Special / Extraordinary Circumstances Grant at the committee’s discretion (emergency, extreme hardship)

Whilst there are several criteria that we use to determine the success of applications, our BIG 3 are:
– the groups must be “uniquely” Sunbury.
– they have little/limited opportunity to raise funds elsewhere.
– the grants delivered must “really make a difference” to the members of the recipient.

When can you apply?

Subject to funds available, applications can be submitted all year round.

Will they be advertised?

The Committee will promote SCC at events and with NFP organisations through direct contact. Opportunities for Grants will also be advertised on our website, social media as well as through local radio.

Where do I get an application form?

Applications can be completed and lodged using the online form on this website

How do I lodge my application?

Completed Application Forms must be lodged by close of business on the advised closing date either by
– Online form (link to application form)
– Mailing to – PO Box 813 Sunbury 3429
– Emailing ;

Please ensure all supporting documentation and the Application Form is attached to the one email

How are the applications evaluated?

Once received the Committee will evaluate, seek further information if required and decide whether and application will proceed, the request amended or delayed, and then advise the applicant accordingly.

How do we know if we were successful?

All applicants will be notified regardless of whether they have been successful.
Feedback will be given to unsuccessful applicants.

Can we re-apply?

If your application has been unsuccessful you may resubmit it. You may wish to rework your proposal or resubmit it as is.
Each application will be considered on its merits against the other applicants in each round.

What are our responsibilities as successful applicants?

Each successful applicant is expected to :
– ensure that the funds granted are expended inline with the application
– notify us and provide photos for future marketing when the grant has been utilised.
– attend an annual gathering of successful applicants so that we can increase the awareness of the variety of community groups that exist in this region.
– invite members of Sunbury Connected Communities to address the members of your organisation to discuss how Sunbury Connected Communities operate.

Can the privacy of our grant be maintained?

Unless specifically requested, Grants will be publicly listed on our web site and used for the promotion of SCC. As detailed in (recipient’s) responsibilities, after the grant has been expended, SCC will seek photos for future marketing and support from the recipient in promoting SCC. A summary of details of the grant will also be listed on our Website.

How is the money spent?

This is a very important process, SCC has its own independent Committee, made up of local representatives who make the decision on how the money is allocated.
Grant applications are critically examined to better understand if the allocation will be beneficial to the community

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